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Hello 👋 Guys! So, here I’m back with a new and a very important post for all of us. So, First of all,How are you all? Hope that your lives are running smoothly!

So, here’s a point that I wanted to share with you all that is, Yes! We should always fight for our rights but in that, we must all remember some of the other points also which are our duties when we are fighting for our rights.

So, (1) Fight for your rights but Respect that of others too.

(2) Fight for your rights but in a Nice way!

(3) Fight for your rights but don’t abuse that of others around you.

(4) Fight for your rights but first of all Understand about what you are actually fighting.

(5) Fight for your rights but after that You should also become the voice of the poor, disabled and…

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A Journey of Faith

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